If you desire change, no matter how big or how small, a Life Coach can help you transform your life into what you want it to be.


This is Jess,  a Certified Life Coach, receiving my certification from The Institute for Life Coach Training.

Maybe you struggle with the idea of working with a coach, or have no idea what a Life Coach can help you to accomplish? Life Coaching is for you if you would like to achieve any of the following:

  • Stress management and balance, confidence, personal growth, health, aging gracefully, weight loss
  • Communication skills, family and parenting, relationship and intimacy
  • Spirituality, Inner peace.
  • Professional development, finances, motivation and time management.

When you decide to hire a coach, you engage in a true partnership, a collaboration. My mission as your coach is to work alongside you, encouraging and supporting you while using techniques modified for you as an individual, to achieve your ultimate goals. Getting through the days on autopilot is not thriving; it is simply surviving, and by no means is this LIVING life.

Lets Make It Happen!

Intuitive Life Coaching Session

30 minutes @ $125.00

An intuitive session covers more in a 30 minute time period than several 1 hour coaching sessions combined. These sessions bring us directly to the root issue where patterns and blocks can be lifted. This session is for life guidance and questions only.


Is Coaching the same as Counselling or mentoring?Is Coaching the same as Counselling or mentoring?

Yes and no. Coaching deals with today forward. Although past issues may come up, in a coaching session the present is the focus.

How Do I Know that a Life Coach is Properly Qualified?

A qualified coach has certification and training along with extensive experience in coaching clients.

What does a coaching session involve?

A coaching session is based on current goals and desires. Each session differs because Jess coaches to the individual. No two people require the same tools.

How will Life Coaching Benefit Me?

Life Coaching can be life changing if you allow the process to work and  use the tools given to help achieve your goals.

How do I Get Started? What Do I Do Next?

To book a coaching session please click here and schedule your session!

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