Meet Jess

I am a Certified Life Coach, receiving my certification from The Institute for Life Coach Training. Along with Coaching, I am Reiki level 2 certified and a practiced EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique, also known as Tapping) practitioner. I have a BS in Elementary Education and after nearly completing my Masters in Education, I decided my focus was more on working with pre-teens and adults. I am in the midst of receiving my MA in Counseling with the desire to always grow myself. I thrive in a learning environment and working with people is all about learning. One more little detail (clearing throat), I am also a practicing medium. I live life being guided by my intuition and do readings for people daily. Please don’t let this little detail scare you away! I will not invade your privacy or “tap” into things you do not wish to disclose. I am busy enough with sessions that I don’t have enough free time to be nosy!

We all have a story. Here is mine…

I have had my battles with anxiety. In my twenties, my younger brother passed away, and more recently, my older sister. Since my sister’s accidental passing, I have lost many others, from family to friends; death has been substantial in my adult years. These unexpected losses left me facing heartache and desperation. Not understanding the mind and my body’s deep cry for help and healing, I spun into a chaotic lifestyle of fear, nervousness, and hopelessness, causing myself issues such as heart palpitations (to the point of hospital admittance), nausea, loss of appetite, and fear of heart attack with symptoms that felt like “this time it is the real deal.” Being scared to live my life evoked my pursuit for healing.

After hiring my own intuitive life coach, reading many self-help books, and practicing meditation, I began to understand our mind has the power to do anything we need it to do. We create our lives; our thoughts are projected into real-time living and WE ARE WHAT WE THINK. I am first hand proof of this. I have become free from heart palpitations that lasted years, and I have the tools to create a healthy living environment. Everything I needed was always within.

*The intent of this disclosure is my way of letting you know outside of schooling and certifications, I am a real person.